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Eastern Rural supporting the community with over $40,000 raised for local sports club

The team from Eastern Rural Dalby recently held a local plant and machinery auction in the Moonie, QLD region where they pledged to donate the net commission to the Moonie Sports Club totalling a whopping $40,563.32.

Andrew Kirtley from Eastern Rural said that in recent years the Moonie region has provided a lot of business to their real estate and livestock sales team and thought getting involved with the fundraising clearing sale was a great opportunity to give back to the community who had given so much to them in recent times.

“We have done a fair bit of work out there in the last couple of years and have a good relationship with the Moonie Sports Club members so when they approached us and asked if we could facilitate a sale for them as a fundraising exercise, we didn’t hesitate to jump on board.”

“There is a lot of work that went into this from both the community and the Eastern Rural team and we have been extremely grateful of the business provided to us from the region, and thought it a great opportunity to give back.”

Andrew commented that the auctions’ success was also supported by AuctionsPlus, holding the sale online in support of the event.

“When the committee initially approached us we had a discussion about it and decided it would be good to go online with the sale. We approached AuctionsPlus and they were more than happy to also get involved with this great community initiative, with them too having also done a fair bit of business in the region in recent years.”

“A lot of the equipment was put up for sale from local Moonie Sports Club members and without their generosity and backing we wouldn’t have been able to hold it.

“The sale was a huge success and we had around 200 lots in total with a clearance rate of about 96 percent.”

The Moonie Sports Club President Melinda White was overwhelmed with the generosity from Eastern Rural.

“In a small community like this, we are very lucky to have received the support from Eastern Rural for this fundraising activity. We were blown away with how much we received, and for a small club like ours this is a once in a lifetime donation and we are incredibly grateful to have received the support.”

“The Moonie Sports Club provides a hub for everyone to come and socialise and it is such a fantastic venue to have in this community especially for our members’ mental health.

“With the donation we are hoping to put it towards upgrading our tennis courts.”