• Weekly cattle sales conducted at Dalby saleyards
  • Private treaty sales of breeder & store stock
  • Consignment sales to feedlot/ abattoirs
  • AuctionsPlus sales penned by us to ensure optimum presentation

EASTERN RURAL conduct all sales on a Del Credere basis, meaning payments of sale proceeds are guaranteed to you in 10 days from sale.



EASTERN RURAL are professional experienced auctioneers with current marketing knowledge selling your stock.  We offer professional presentation – cattle are drafted and penned by us to ensure optimum presentation.



EASTERN RURAL offer professional marketing where potential buyers are informed of suitable stock including the use of digital images. We believe the loyalty of our customers is the ultimate measure of our success.


Why choose Eastern Rural?

EASTERN RURAL offer an extensive range of Agency services to clients, such as:

  • Pre Sale marketing advice including on property inspections
  • Assistance with co-ordinating transport arrangements
  • Comprehensive post -sale report & analysis

Feedlotting service

  • Coordination of available feedlot space
  • Forecasting on potential outcome
  • Ongoing monitoring of cattle performance
  • Drafting-coordinating marketing/forward contracting
  • Purchasing cattle to client requirements
  • Servicing all bull buying requirements
  • NLIS scanning and transferring of cattle sold privately
  • Weekly email of Dalby cattle market report
  • Suppliers of NLIS tags
  • Transit insurance

And much more…. contact us today.