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ALPA young auctioneers school draws 32 young guns to CQLX

  Hayley Kennedy@HayleyS_K16 Jun 2021, 3 p.m.


The two-day event brought together shirts of every colour, from all corners of the state, in an ‘impressive display’ of talent.
In what was the largest group of up-and-coming selling voices to be put through the paces in Queensland, 32 industry rising stars attended the ALPA young auctioneers school at CQLX this week.
The two-day event brought together shirts of every colour, from all corners of the state, in an ‘impressive display’ of talent and a forecast of future success for the industry, Australian Livestock and Property Agents Association chief executive officer Peter Baldwin said.
“We thought that the level is probably the best we’ve seen in the state,” he said.
“We were very impressed with the overall standard of the auctioneers and the consistency.”
The school involved a review of auctioneering styles, practice ring selling, video review on clearing sales and ring selling, and voice workshops.


“I would hope that that [attendance] is a forecast of what is going to happen [in the future],” Mr Baldwin said.
“With the good season and a determination to succeed, I think they’re investing in their education and development, which is terrific.”
The two days culminated in the selection of finalists for the Queensland Young Auctioneers Competition to be held at the Ekka in August.
Of the group, 17 young guns went head-to-head for the 10 finalists positions, and Mr Baldwin said it was a tough competition.
“In talking about the 10, we talk about the 17 because there wasn’t a lot between them, which as a metric is fantastic,” he said.
“We’re looking for some personality, we’re looking for their point of differences, and it’s a fine line as to someone who finishes at number one as opposed to number four or five.
“The ten who were selected, with some very good mentoring and coaching, some more numbers under their belts, they’ll advance.”
Making the job all the harder was that “some of them are a different make-up”, Mr Baldwin said.
“They’re not conditioned into what they’ve got to do when selling, so there was a rawness about them that was quite refreshing to see. And that bit of natural gift was clear.”


The 10 state finalists are:

  • Sam Clarke, GDL, Roma
  • Corey Evans, Aussie Land & Livestock, Kingaroy
  • Jacob Gaske, Hayes & Co, Silverdale
  • Morgan Harris, TopX, Gracemere
  • Simon Kinbacher, Elders Rural Services, Rockhampton
  • Jake Robinson, Nutrien Livestock, Dalby
  • Justin Rohde, Nutrien Livestock, Rockhampton
  • Ashley Steel, Hourn & Bishop Qld, Moura
  • Cody Trost, GDL, Blackall
  • Wyatt Wrigley, Eastern Rural, Dalby